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Masters student survey

How can the Division of Science better serve you?

Question 1
In which discipline will you be earning your masters degree?

What is your specific area of study?
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Question 3
What is your main motivation for getting a masters degree?

Explain your answer to 3a here (if you have chosen 'other' or if you have more to tell us.)
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Who is your primary advisor/mentor?
Question 6
What kind of masters are you pursuing?

Question 7
When is your expected graduation?

Question 8
Are you planning to pursue a Ph.D.?

If yes to question 7, identify your research area of interest (currently).
If yes to question 7, to which Universities HAVE YOU ALREADY APPLIED? Provide name and indicate whether you have been accepted.
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If you have not yet applied to PhD programs, please indicate programs to which you are planning to apply.
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What specific profession are you pursuing?
Question 13
How satisfied are you with the ease of meeting with an advisor?

Question 14
How satisfied are you with the academic advising you receive?

Question 15
How satisfied are you with advice and guidance concerning non-CCNY-related matters? (e.g. career counseling, job placement, further potential graduate study, or other matters)

Question 16
How satisfied are you with the advice and guidance you received concerning non-academic matters? (e.g. career counseling, job placement, or other matters:

Question 17
How satisfied are you with the registration process?

Question 18
How satisfied are you with the quality of education you received in your masters program?

What do like best about your masters study at CCNY? (list as many items as can fit in 300 characters!)
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What if anything would you change regarding your masters experience at CCNY? (300 characters)
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Question 21
What is your gender?

Question 23
What is your ethnicity?

Question 24
Do you currently work full time?

Share any suggestions for improving your MS program