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"Biodiversity under Environmental Change" seed grants - Apply by Aug 10th 2018

Interdisciplinary Seed Grants for CCNY Students

focusing on

Biodiversity under Environmental Change


The CCNY Cluster of Biodiversity under Environmental Change (CBEC) is announcing a competition for Interdisciplinary Seed Grants to be distributed to CCNY graduate and undergraduate students addressing questions relevant to the study of the links between environmental shifts and biodiversity. Applications may involve research at any level of biological organization, temporal, or spatial scales. To ensure that the work promotes links across disciplines, a proposal must be either submitted by a student who will be jointly advised by two faculty or postdoctoral fellows from different labs, or by teams of students belonging to different laboratories.

To apply, students must submit:

  1. a 2-page Project Proposal, including Questions or Hypotheses to be Tested, Relevant Background, Intellectual Merit (Justification), Methods, and Timeline for Project Completion within 1 year (11 pt. font, single spaced or larger).
  2. a 1-page Statement of Interdisciplinary Research that describes how the student or team of students will ensure input from multiple science disciplines. Preference will be given to projects that involve students, faculty or staff in two or more CCNY departments.
  3. A letter from each advisor involved in the project (may be a faculty member or postdoc), confirming interest and availability to mentor the project.
  4. A 2-page CV describing Education, Relevant Experience, Awards, Scientific Presentations, and Scientific Publications.
  5. Undergraduate, M.Sc. and B.S./M.Sc. students should also provide an updated copy of their transcript(s).

Grant amounts are of up to $1,500 per participating graduate student, and up to $1,000 per undergraduate student. Team proposals can request for correspondingly larger amounts: a team composed by two graduate students is able to request up to $3,000, while a team composed by a graduate student and an undergraduate may request up to $2,500.

Please send your complete application in a single PDF to by August 10th, 2018.

Applications will be reviewed by expert panels after ensuring no conflict of interests.

For inquiries, contact Prof. Ana Carnaval and Ms. Leyla Hernandez