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Science Division Room Reservation System

Here is a quick overview of steps required to reserve conference and seminars rooms in both Marshak and CDI science buildings.

1. Log in

Please use credentials provided by the Dean's office or simply e-mail if you have difficulties logging in. For now the office is creating individual accounts for each faculty but we are in the process of enabling CCNY user names and password to work for authentication purposes. A separate announcement will be sent once this work is complete.

2. Choose a room you wish to reserve

Room selection pane is used to first select the room you wish to book. If you are authorized to book a particular room, a message indicating your permission level will be displayed under the room selection pane (see Fig. 1)


Figure 1. Room selection pane.

3. Use your mouse to select the time you wish to reserve the room for.

The calendar allows users to select the time of reservation by simply dragging the mouse over the desired time span (Fig 2).


Fig. 2 You can book a room by simply dragging your mouse.

Each block of time can be further edited or moved by using the re-size handle, or simply dragging the entire block to a new position.

Reservation can be cancelled by clicking on the time block and clicking again on the "cancel" icon found at the bottom of the window. (Fig. 3. Button 1)

A note can also be added to each reservation by again clicking the "Add note" button (Fig. 3 Button 2). Notes as well as other session details are visible only to registered users.


Figure 3. Editing an existing session. Button 1 - Cancel session. Button 2 - Add a note.


4. You are done. The room is now reserved for you!!!


Thank you.