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EHS Guides and Manuals

EHS Documents.
File CUNY Lab Safety Manual FINAL.pdf
File Lab Self Inspection Checklist
Self inspection checklist to be completed for all labs
File Certificate of Fitness (C14) Study Material
Study Material for the New (C-14) Certificate of Fitness exam. The study material includes information taken from the 2008 NYC Fire Code (FC) Section 2706, Fire Department Rules Section 4827-01(g)(1) and NFPA Standard 45, (2004 Edition) Fire protection for laboratories Using Chemicals.
File CCNY Chemical Hygiene Plan
Chemical Hygiene Plan
File Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool
The hazard assessment tool is used to identify hazards to laboratory personnel and specifies the personnel protective equipment (PPE) to protect laboratory personnel during work activities. Send a copy of the completed assessment to the EHOS office.
File Standard Operating Procedures Fact Sheet and Template
The OSHA Laboratory Standard requires that Chemical Hygiene Plans include specific elements and measures to ensure employee protection in the laboratory. One such requirement is Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) “relevant to safety and health considerations to be followed when laboratory work involves the use of hazardous chemicals”. This is especially the case if your lab operations include the routine use of "select carcinogens,' reproductive toxins and substances which have a high degree of acute toxicity”. This tool is intended to assist Principal Investigators and staff in the development of Standard Operating Procedures. The key idea with laboratories having standard operating procedures is to ensure a process is in place so that an experiment is well thought out and includes and addresses relevant health and safety issues.
Tutorial for Perkin Elmer LSC