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LC-MS Request Form of The City College of New York

Please use this form to submit a sample or reserve the instrument for LC-MS analysis. Please note: 1. Each group is only allowed to request to use the instrument up to one week per each calendar month. Additional requests will be considered if there is time available. 2. Request to use the instrument more than 30 days in advance will not be approved. Please contact the facility manager as early as possible if you need to cancell your reservation. 3. You have three choices for prefered dates and time. If the first prefered time is not available, the second (or thid) choice will be used. 4. You do not have to operate the instrument by yourself. You can use this form to submit a sample to the facility manager for quick analysis. Please fill in as many information about your sample as you can in this form. 5. If you have any specific needs or requirements please write them in the "Additional Information and Requirements" box, or contact the facility manager directly if you have any questions.

User Information
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Purpose of using the instrument
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Second Time Choice
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Third Time Choice
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Sample Information and Analytical Conditions
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Sample Inlet
Sample Ionization
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