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Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)

About the facility

The 4000 Q TRAP™ LC/MS/MS System takes advantage of a number of mass spectrometry innovations to deliver unmatched quantitative and qualitative performance within a single system. The instrument combines the advanced features of Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX Linear Ion Trap (LIT) technology-including significantly higher injection and trapping efficiencies, greater ion capacity, and higher duty cycle—with the unequalled sensitivity of the leading triple quadrupole system.

Unequaled triple quad and ion trap sensitivity

Superior triple quad performance, plus patented collisional focusing and linear ion trap technologies combine to maximize full scan MS and MS/MS sensitivity, enabling you to identify more low abundance metabolites, proteins and post-translational
modifications with a high degree of confidence.

Highest sensitivity MRM

TRAP™ system provides true triple quadrupole multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) at the highest level of sensitivity, as well as extended dynamic range, ensuring superior quantitation performance for both small molecules and peptides.

MS3 capability

Advanced MS3 functionality, together with triple quadrupole fragmentation patterns, gives you more useful information in fewer experiments—including detailed structural information and insight into metabolic pathways.

Advanced scanning capabilities

The highest sensitivity neutral loss and precursor ion scans and enhanced multiply charged scan can be used in flexible combinations to enable information-rich, high throughput workflows.
Automated LC/MS/MS workflows using Information Dependent Acquisition (IDA) provide the framework for deriving maximum information from every experiment. When used with the 4000 Q TRAP system’s powerful mixed scan modes, IDA lets you focus on specific ions of interest for increased productivity.

Higher resolution, improved mass accuracy

Next generation linear ion trap technology provides enhanced resolution for reliable real-time charge state and isotope pattern determination, plus superior mass accuracy across the entire mass range.

Plug-and-play sources

Rugged, reliable ion sources are easily interchanged for a wide range of applications and flow rates to suit your lab’s needs. Choices include the exclusive TurboV™source with TurboIonSpray® probe and APCI probe, the new DuoSpray™ ion source—a combined software-selectable ESI/APCI ionization source—and a new NanoSpray™ source and interface for nanoflow applications.

Dynamic Fill Time (DFT)

The system dynamically calculates the time required to fill the linear ion trap. For abundant compounds, a short fill time reduces the space charge effects by limiting the number of ions in the ion trap, while a longer fill time increases weak signals by allowing ions to accumulate.