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Facility, Equipment, Service

  • FACILITY - Describes a general administrative unit that contains equipment or other abstract resources.
  • EQUIPMENT/RESOURCE - Specific type of resource (e.g room, equipment) that a user might be interested utilizing. A facility can host multiple resources/equipment.
  • SERVICE - Specific service provided by equipment/resource. (e.g Confocal Imaging, TEM, TEM + EDAX). One resource/equipment can provide multiple services.

Service States:

  • ACTIVE - Active service is open to all authorized users.
  • LOCKED - Locked services are visible to all authorized users but creating sessions WILL NOT be possible. This options can be set by facility manager if a service needs to be visible but NOT available to authorized users. Facility managers can still manager the service as normal.
  • INACTIVE - An inactive service will appear only for service managers. Inactive service is disabled and invisible to active users.