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LSM 800

Facility News

LSM 800 is the newest addition to our lineup of confocal microscopes. Researchers interested in using the system can start by creating an an account in our online booking system at

Location and contact information


External federal users - $53/h
CCNY users - $20/h

Long-running experiments qualify for a 50% discount.  See Add. I in the facility usage rules for more info.

In addition federal grant holders quality for a fee cap of $1500/month for all usage (combined) of LSM 710, LSM 800, LSM 880, and Nikon TiE.



Background Information

LSM 800 is a continuation of efforts to innovate and break barriers in traditional optical imaging. The use of highly sensitive detectors and new imaging hardware allows researchers to achieve more resolution thus see more details scarifying neither samples nor good imaging practices. The microscope has been configured to serve the needs of CCNY community focusing particularly on live-cell imaging. High sensitivity detectors and airyscan technology combined with hand picked lenses will put another outstanding tool in hands of researchers working on projects at CCNY Core Facilities.

The technology worth highlighting again is the Airyscan which solves conundrum between resolution and light efficiency by imaging the complete airy disk onto a concentrically arranged hexagonal detector array. It consists of 32 single detector elements, all of which act like sub airy unit pinholes. The confocal pinhole itself remains open and doesn’t block light – thus all photons of the whole airy disk are collected.

The signals from all detector elements are then reassigned to their correct position, producing an image with increased signal-to-noise ratio and resolution. Unlike other superresolution techniques, Airyscan capitalizes on the scanning and optical sectioning capabilities of a confocal. Thus Airyscan even works with thicker samples such as tissue sections or whole animal mounts that need a higher penetration depth. (source


More info about LSM 800

AiryScan guide (PDF)

Equipment Specifications

Please note: More detailed information about the system can be obtained from our staff.

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