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Epifluorescence microscopy

Inverted Microscope

Location and Contact Information

  • Location:
    Marshak Science Building, Room: 523
    The City College of New York
    160 Convent Ave, New York, NY 10031
  • Staff: Dr. Jorge Morales
  • Hours: 12am - 12pm, 7 days a week
  • Scheduling Information: Click here for schedule



External users - $48/h
CCNY users - $5/h

Facility Images

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Epifluorescence microscopy is a method of fluorescence microscopy that is widely used in life sciences. The excitatory light is passed from above (or, for inverted microscopes, from below), through the objective and then onto the specimen instead of passing it first through the specimen. (In the latter case the transmitted excitatory light reaches the objective together with light emitted from the specimen). The fluorescence in the specimen gives rise to emitted light which is focused to the detector by the same objective that is used for the excitation. A filter between the objective and the detector filters out the excitation light from fluorescent light. Since most of the excitatory light is transmitted through the specimen, only reflected excitatory light reaches the objective together with the emitted light and this method therefore gives an improved signal to noise ratio. A common use in biology is to apply fluorescent or fluorochrome stains to the specimen in order to image a protein or other molecule of interest. (source:wikipedia)

Equipment Specifications

Detailed information about the system can be obtained from our staff.