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MonoVista CRS Raman System

Location and Contact Information

  • Location:
    CDI 2.232
    The City College of New York
    160 Convent Ave, New York, NY 10031
  • Staff:
    Dr. John Lombardi : Phone: (212) 650-6032
    Dr. Juifeng Tu : Phone: (212) 650-5558


Facility Images

lab_2.jpg lab_1.jpg

About the facility

MonoVista Raman Microscope with SP 2750 series spectrograph from Princeton Instruments-Acton. This high resolution (~ 0.3 cm-1 spectral resolution) micro-Raman system includes an upright Olympus BX51 confocal microscope (0.5 mm spatial resolution) and a thermoelectrically-cooled PIXIS:400B CCD detector (1340x400, back-illuminated). This system is chosen mainly because of its modular design so that each component (spectrometer, microscope, CCD detector) could be upgraded separately and the instrument can be configured in different ways. For more information, please check the following website:

Equipment Specifications

MonoVista CRS-Upright SP 2750 (ARC-MCRS-Upright SP2750) Upright Confocal Raman Microscope optically coupled to a 750mm imaging spectrograph for maximum confocal resolution (~ 0.3 cm-1 spectral resolution) ; diffraction limited at 1micron.

  • Optical coupling between the microscope and spectrograph provides higher throughput than fiber coupled systems therefore delivering the best overall signal to noise performance; essential to cutting edge research.
  • The Multi purpose Spectrograph includes separate entrance port with motorized mirror (-9n option) which provides the ability to take data from sources other than the microscope. This provides maximum flexibility from the instrument making it essentially two instruments in one; a Macro and Micro instrument.
  • The system is mounted on a high stability base plate with 5 point mounts. This provides for long term stability and repeatable measurements.
  • Included intuitive, yet powerful, Software provides for Seamless operation and control allowing faster results and easy experimental set-up. Multi-layer calibration assures precision measurements at any wavelength.
  • Interchangeable Triple Grating Turret allows for multiple grating sets to be used increasing flexibility of the system.
  • BX51 Upright microscope included with manual XY stage, 5 position revolving nose piece, reflected and transmitted light illumination.
  • Raman Interface Box with Acton coated beam splitter for maximum throughput, Optimized for 514 nm laser excitation.
  • 750mm focal length imaging spectrometer with F/9.0 aperture, 0.90cm-1 resolution (with 1200g/mm grating), 68x68mm gratings, +/- 1 pixel repeatability, Raleigh rejection down to 30cm-1 with available filter.

  • Acton proprietary ARC2000 coatings provide industry leading 90% reflectivity at 200nm and improved reflectivity over the entire UV and Visible spectrum. This exclusive coating allows for low light level UV experiments to be performed better than with any other instrument.

  • 100% integrating with any Princeton Instruments CCD, EMCCD, ICCD, or InGaAs detector. Princeton Instruments has the some of the best performing detectors in the industry from the UV (200nm) to the IR (2.2um) all of which could be used on the MonoVista CRS system.

  • 100% integration with various single channel detectors from 190nm to 3um. (Requires optional exit slit, field installation at CCD port available)
  • Includes Q-Imaging witness camera to eliminate the need for microscope eyepieces therefore eliminating potential Laser exposure.
  • Includes Dell Computer system with Windows XP or Vista 32 operating systems. All Princeton instruments WinSpec-S&I software is installed and tested before delivery.


More Information

Confocal Raman Microscopy General Overview (PDF)