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Usage rules

Micro Raman Usage Rules

System Location: CDI Building, Room 2.232, City College of New York


I.  Authorized Users:
  1. All users must be properly trained.
  2. You should contact facility director/manager to arrange for training. Training is conducted on individual bases. Groups can also be accommodated upon request. Your first registered session will be your first training session.
II.  Registration, Billing, Usage rules:
  1. Users are required to record facility usage utilizing CCNY CoreLABS scheduling system available at
  2. Users registering for weekend sessions or sessions before 10am and after 6pm must be able to run the microscope without any assistance. Please contact lab management to check if you qualify.
  3. Periodically the facility management may institute walk-in hours in order to ensure that every user has a chance to access the instrument. Walk-in sessions cannot be reserved and are allocated on first-come first saved bases. Users MUST record walk-in usage on the "walk-in" sheet found next to the microscope.
  4. Authorized users can register for sessions up to 1 month ahead.
  5. All users are responsible to record time used as accurately as possible. In the logbook users should record the excitation wavelength used, the power, and any other problems associated with use. Please report damage to the instrument or parts to the manager.
  6. Only the user who signs up for the instrument is allowed to use the instrument during that time.  If you are swapping time, please inform the manager.
  7. Users that do not report to the lab manager at least 20 minutes after the session had started are considered late.  Lab administrators reserve the right to cancel late sessions and reassign the time to another user.
  8. Training sessions are at no charge.
  9. Users are responsible to turn off the instrument late at night and during weekend (M-F, 6pm–9am & Saturday
  10. and Sundays.
  11. Bills for using the instrument are sent monthly to the PI assigned to the user during CoreLABS registration. We reserve the right to deny access to users with long overdue usage charges. Please notify facility management of any changes to your PI.
III.  User safety and conduct:
  1. User’s safety comes first.  Do not look into the laser light. Do not perform any actions that may result in direct exposure to any harmful chemicals or radiation.
  2. Under no circumstances users will repair or modify the configuration of the system without notifying lab administrators.
  3. You must report any system failures or unexpected systems states (such as error messages, distorted images) IMMEDIATELY via text or email to the manager.
  4. No food or drinks are allowed anywhere near the system.
  5. Users are solely responsible for backing up their data.
  6. You must report any hazardous materials/samples to the lab administrator before bringing your samples to the lab. Do not operate the system with contaminated gloves.
IV.  Penalties for non-compliance
  1. Any violation of the aforementioned rules will be reported to the lab director and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Depending on the severity of the infraction penalties may very from verbal warnings, temporary suspension, to complete removal of access privileges.
V.  Compliance Notice and Administrator Rights
  1. By using our laboratory you agree to comply with ALL the rules and regulations presented in this document. In addition, laboratory administrators reserve the right to amend or modify this document when deemed necessary.