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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Bruker 300 NMR

The Agilent (Varian) Mercury-300 NMR spectrometer has an auto-switchable probe with a capability to observe 1H, 13C, 19F, 27Al and 31P NMR and used routinely by synthetic laboratories for identifying organic compounds. The 300 MHz spectrometer is also available for NMR lab classes integrated with Chemistry curriculum.

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Varian (Agilent) 600 Solids NMR

The Varian VNMRS 600 MHz Solids NMR spectrometer is a mixed-use instrument  that is capable of  carrying out NMR experiments in solution, semi-solid, as well as solid states.The main focus, however, is in solid state research.

The instrument operates with an actively-shielded 14.7 Tesla superconducting magnet.  It has a small 5-Gauss stray field boundary with a radius of 6 ft.  The proton NMR frequency is at 600 MHz.

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Varian (Agilent) Unity Invova-500 NMR

The Varian (Agilent) Unity Invova-500 NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectrometer of the City College of the CUNY is located in the Plaza level of Marshak science building. The magnet has a field strength of 11.74 T (1H frequency of 500 MHz). This instrument performs a wide variety of multinuclear (1H, 13C, 31P, 11B and 15N) including 2D NMR experiments at variable temperature for structural identification of synthetic compounds. It is used extensively elucidation of structure and stereochemistry of organic compounds and solution conformations of DNA adducts.

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