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X-Ray Diffraction Equipment

Panalytical X'Pert Pro


Location: MR 904
Manager: Dr. Alexey Bykov

This XRD instrument from Panalytical is used primarily for powder diffraction. The X’Pert powder instrument is configured with simple slits and proportional detector for data collection to do phase analysis including Rietveld refinement. The built-in structural database (PDF) allows identification of phases from powder diffraction data. More details...

Bruker Discovery-8


Location: CDI 4.228
Manager: Dr. Alexey Bykov

The Bruker Discover-8 diffraction system utilizing point 0-D scintillation counter, linear 1-D position sensitive (LINXEYE), and area 2-D (VANTEC-500) detectors offers a variety of capabilities by using both high resolution (HR) and powder diffraction (PD) configurations.  The HR configuration with scintillator counter and position sensitive detectors is applied for thin films characterization by measuring rocking curves, precision 2Theta - Omega scans, reciprocal space mapping.  Available HR techniques also include high resolution pole figures measurements for texture analysis and film thickness measurements by reflectivity. More details...