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Remembering Myer Fishman


Myer M. Fishman

(04/27/1918 - 04/13/2008)

Emeritus Professor

Memorial Donations
The Gloria & Myer Fishman Scholarship Fund
c/o The Development Office
City College of New York
NY, NY 10031




Emeritus Professor Myer M. Fishman passed away April 13, 2008 at the age of 89. Dr. Fishman was a City College alumnus, receiving his B.S. in 1938. He went on to earn his M.S. (1940) and Ph.D. (1942) from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Fishman immediately began working as a chemist with the Minnesota Valley Canning Co. He then got a job with the U.S. Army Signal Corps. as a materials engineer and, later, as an associate chemist. In 1946, Prof. Fishman returned to CCNY beginning his career as an Instructor. He became a full Professor and was named Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the same year (1969).


Prof. Fishman taught undergraduate and graduate biochemistry courses. In the late 1970s, he started and served as director of the MARC, MBRS, and CRS biomedical research programs at CCNY. Funded by the NIH, the MARC and MBRS programs admitted and financially supported minority students participating in biomedical research. The CRS program was funded by CCNY, and it financially supported non-minority students who participated in biomedical research. Many of the MARC, MBRS, and CRS graduates have gone on to attend professional and graduate schools, and have successful careers. The programs continue to support minority science students at all levels.


In 40 years of service on the Chemistry faculty, Prof. Fishman has mentored many of our science alumni. Even after retirement in 1986, he continued as director of the biomedical research programs for a number of years. He served as director of the Science Alumni Association until his death. He kept in close contact with many of his former students. Known for his personable manner and genuine concern for their welfare, Prof. Fishman remains beloved by his students and colleagues.

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Comments (2)

Daniel Fimiarz Apr 15, 2008 12:56 PM
Feel free to add your comments here.
Daniel Fimiarz Apr 17, 2008 11:19 PM
Dr. Fishman was truly incredible; tireless in his efforts to improve the future for students at CCNY. It is remarkable how well he knew students and how hard he worked towards getting their careers started on a high note! All this WELL BEYOND RETIREMENT!!!!!!

I truly appreciated his efforts.

Mahesh Lakshman