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Season opener for Serving Science

Topic: Disarming breast Cancer's Elusive Molecular Arsenals: How close are we? Speaker: Jill Bargonetti, PhD (Hunter College)
When Oct 05, 2009
from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM
Where Kouzan Restauran, 685 Amsterdam Ave at 93rd St.
Contact Name
Contact Phone 212-650-6850
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Topic: Disarming Breast Cancer's Elusive Molecular Arsenals: How Close Are We?
Breast Cancer is not just one disease but actually is multiple diseases dependent on the molecular characteristics of the disease. Therefore different breast cancers must be targeted for destruction differently. There are specific categories for mutations that promote cancer. They set up the pathways for the molecular arsenal that needs to be disarmed. They are familial: “Mutations or polymorphisms that you have from conception” and sporadic: “ “Mutations that you obtain during your lifetime”.
There are two main gene types mutated in the molecular arsenals. Oncogenes are one of them and are the more “drugable” target. Oncogenic pathways are already on the road to being disarmed. They are part of the sporadic pathway. Some examples are terms that you often hear of as marker positive cancers. That normally means a growth factor is fueling the cancer. Some examples are Estrogen Receptor positive, Her2-neu positive, EGFR positive and Progesterone receptor positive.
Pharmacogenomics will be the way to best target the multiple breast cancer varieties. The brave army of breast cancer warriors and survivors require knowledge of the available and not yet available molecular markers and drugs available for in the already existing protocols. However also important are the possible new drugs. We are already disarming some types of breast cancer disease but we have a long road ahead of us for some others.
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Kouzan's owner, Arthur Shi, is pleased to offer a 10% discount on food to patrons of the event.
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