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Mark Steinberg

Mark Steinberg


Cancer & Malignancy

Office Phone: (212) 650-8560


  1. B.A. University of Michigan
  2. Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania




The goal of our research is to understand the process by which human epithelial cells come to acquire the properties of tumor cells derived from malignant neoplasms. For this purpose this laboratory has utilized a model system based upon infection of cultures of normal human epidermal cells by the oncogenic virus, SV40. Three major aspects of transformation in this system are currently under investigation: 1) alteration in the structure and expression of endogenous oncogene sequences caused by SV40 infection, 2) alteration in the structure and expression of the SV40 virus transforming genes occurring after long term infection, and 3) SV40-induced expression of normally silent intermediate filament genes as a model of altered gene expression in transformed epithelial cells.


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