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Christian Wolf

Christian Wolf

Professor and Graduate Advisor

Office: NAC 6/274
Office Phone: (212) 650-5118


  1. I studied mathematics and physics at the University of Munich in Germany. After my PhD at the Technical University of Munich (1999), I taught at Indiana University, Bloomington from 1999 through 2001, and spend the year of 2002 at the Technical University of Lisbon. In the Spring of 2003 I joined Wichita State University in Kansas where I stayed until Spring 2010. Finally, in Fall of 2010, I arrived at the City College.


My research is in the area of dynamical systems, essentially the mathematics of systems which change under evolution of time. In particular, I am working on geometric, ergodic- and dimension theoretical aspects of smooth dynamical systems. This includes the dynamics on real manifolds (Axiom A, non- uniformly hyperbolic and parabolic systems) as well as on one- and higher dimensional complex spaces. In my work I combine tools from several areas of mathematics such as ergodic theory, real and complex analysis, geometry, dimension theory and the thermodynamic formalism.


Department Chair