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Mark Emerson

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Mark Emerson

Assistant Professor

85 St Nicholas Terrace

New York , NY 10027
Office Phone: (212) 650-8417


  1. Harvard Medical School, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Genetics
  2. Harvard Medical School, Ph.D. in Neurobiology
  3. Oberlin College, B.A. Neuroscience Major


Mark Emerson is a developmental neurobiologist interested in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neuronal specification, with an emphasis on cone photoreceptors of the vertebrate retina.  We use electroporation technology, imaging, biochemistry, and RNA-Seq transcriptome analysis to explore the direct connections between cis-regulatory elements, protein complexes, and ultimately cellular identity.

Selected Publications

Emerson MM, Surzenko N, Goetz JJ, Trimarchi J, Cepko CL (2013) Otx2 and Onecut1 Promote the Fates of Cone Photoreceptors and Horizontal Cells and Repress Rod Photoreceptors. Developmental Cell, 26(1): 59-72.

Emerson MM, Cepko CL. (2011) Identification of a Retina-specific Otx2 Enhancer Element Active in Immature Developing Photoreceptors. Developmental Biology. 360 (1): 241-255.

Billings NA, Emerson MM, Cepko CL. (2010) Analysis of Thyroid Response Element Activity During Retinal Development. PLoS One. 5 (10): e13739.

*Samson M, *Emerson MM, Cepko CL. (2009) Robust marking of photoreceptor cells and pinealocytes with several reporters under control of the Crx gene. Developmental Dynamics. 238(12):3218-25.


Developmental Neuroscience