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Fardad Firooznia

Fardad Firooznia


Marshak Science Building, Room J-535
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031 USA

Office Phone: (212) 650-6580


  1. 1991, BS in Biology, Yale University, CT
  2. 1998, Ph.D. in Plant Physiology, Cornell University, NY


Research Interests
* Instructional Design and Science Pedagogy
* Characteristics of water use by tree species
* Simulating patterns of water uptake by forest stands
Recent Publications
• Firooznia, F., 2009. An ode to PSII. The American Biology Teacher. 71(1): 27-30.
• Firooznia, F., 2007. The story of the Calvin Cycle: bringing carbon fixation to life. The American Biology Teacher. 69(6): 364-367.
• Firooznia, F., and D. Andreadis, 2006. Information literacy in introductory biology. Journal of College Science Teaching. May/June, 23-27.
• Firooznia, F., 2006. Giant Ants and Walking Plants: Using science fiction to teach a writing-intensive, lab-based biology class for non-majors. Journal of College Science Teaching. March/April, 26-31.