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Reza Khayat

Reza Khayat
85 St Nicholas Terrace

New York , NY 10027
Office Phone: (212) 650-6070


My research goal is to understand the life-cycle of particular DNA viruses at an atomic resolution. In particular we seek to characterize the mechanisms by which these viruses identify their hosts, acquire entry into the cell, modify the cellular cytoskeleton, deliver their genomes to the nucleus, replicate, assemble and egress from the cell. We use a combination of biochemistry, biophysics, X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy to address these topics.

Recent Publications


1. Schneemann A, Speir JA, Tan GS, Khayat R, Ekiert DC, Matsuoka Y, and Wilson IA 2012 A Virus-like Particle that Elicits Cross-reactive Antibodies to the Conserved Stem of Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin. J. Virol. Aug 15 (ahead of print)

2. Dreyfus C, Laursen NS, Kwaks T, Zuijdgeest D, Khayat R, Ekiert DC, Lee JH, Metlagel Z, Bujny MV, Jongeneelen M, van der Vlugt R, Lamrani M, Korse HJ, Geelen E, Sahin O, Sieuwerts M, Brakenhoff JP, Vogels R, Li OT, Poon LL, Peiris M, Koudstaal W, Ward AB, Wilson IA, Goudsmit J, and Friesen RH 2012 Highly Conserved Protective Epitopes on Influenza B Viruses. Science Aug. 9 (ahead of print)

3. Depetris RS, Julien J-P, Khayat R, Hyun J, Pejchal R, Katpally U, Kang K, Cocco N, Kachare M, Massi E, David KB, Maroszan AJ, Olson WC, Ward AB, Wilson IA, Sanders RW and Moore JP 2012 Partial enzymatic deglycosylation preserves the structure of cleaved recombinantly HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein trimers. J. Biol. Chem. Jul 13;287,24238-84

4. Ekiert DC, Kashyap AK, Steel J, Rubrum A, Bhabha G, Khayat R, Lee, JH, Dillon MA, O’Neil RE, Faynboym AM, Horowitz M, Horowitz L, Ward AB, Palese P, Webby R, Lerner RA, Bhatt RR and Wilson IA 2012 Neutralization of influenza A viruses by insertion of a single antibody loop into the receptor binding site. Nature (accepted).

5. McLellan JS, Pancera M, Carrico C, Gorman J, Julien J-P, Khayat R, et al., Wilson IA, and Kwang P 2011 Structure of Variable Regions 1 and 2 of HIV-1 gp120 in Complex with Broadly Neutralizing Antibody PG9. Nature 480, 336-42.

6. Pejchal R*, Doore KJ*, Walker LM*,Khayat R*, Huang PS*, Wang SK, et al., and Wilson IA 2011 A potent and Broad Neutralizing Antibody Recognizes and penetrates the HIV Glycan Shield. Science. 334, 1097-103. *Co-first author

7. Khayat R**, Brunn N, Speir JA, Hardham JM, Ankenbauer RG, Schneeman A and Johnson JE** 2011 The 2.3-angstrom structure of porcine circovirus 2.  J. Virol. 85, 7856-62. **Corresponding author

8. Khayat R, Fu C, Ortmann AC, Young MJ and Johnson JE 2010 The architecture and chemical stability of the archaeal Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus.  J. Virology 84, 9575-83. PMCID: PMC2937605

9. Khayat R**, Lander GC and Johnson JE 2010 An automated procedure for detecting protein folds from sub-nanometer resolution electron density.  J. Struct. Biol. 170, 513-21. **Corresponding author

10. Parent KN, Khayat R, Tu LH, Suhanovsky MM, Cortines JR, Teschke CM, Johnson JE and Baker TS 2010 P22 coat protein structures reveal a novel mechanism for capsid maturation: stability without auxiliary proteins or chemical crosslinks.  Structure 18,390-401.

11. Lander GC, Khayat R, Li R, Prevelige PE, Potter CS, Carragher B and Johnson JE 2009 The P22 tail machine at subnanometer resolution reveals the architecture of an infection conduit. Structure. 17, 789-99.