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Condensed Matter Physics


Research includes the development and application of new methods in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy and imaging (Meriles, Koder); transport and magnetic properties of a variety of materials, mostly at low temperatures (Vitkalov, Meriles, Sarachik, Birman, Schmeltzer); magnetic properties of molecular nanomagnets, sometimes referred to as single-molecule magnets (Sarachik); surface reactions of oxygen with crystalline SiC (Smith); preparation and characterization of a variety of crystalline and amorphous semiconductor and insulating films (Meriles, Sarachik); optical spectroscopic techniques to study correlated-electron systems and nano-systems (Meriles, Tu, Birman, Schmeltzer); physical properties of electron systems of reduced dimensionality (Vitkalov, Meriles, Sarachik, Tu, Birman, Gersten, Schmeltzer) and optical properties of molecules interacting with solid surfaces and particles (Gersten).

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