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Ecology Research in the Science division focuses on a wide cross-section of areas from the identification and ecological specificity of Neotropical wood-boring beetles associated with the Brazil nut family (Lecythidaceae) (Berkov) to developing GIS-based methods of modeling species’ geographic ranges using occurrence records and environmental data (Anderson).

Ecological studies branch into the monitoring of the performance of activated carbons used to remove hydrogen sulfide odor in the City of New York water pollution control plants (Bandosz) and population genetics  and ecology of planktonic algal blooms (Rockwell, Lee, Gallagher), and aquatic environmental organic chemistry,that focuses on the mechanisms through which organic contaminants undergo abiotic transformations in natural aquatic environment (Jans, Zhang, Steiner).


Faculty and their research interests

Core Researchers

  • Biology: Robert Anderson -  Biogeography,Ecology and Evolution
  • Biology: Amy Berkov-  Plant-Insect interactions
  • Biology: Jane Gallagher - Variation in Molecular Characters, Morphology and Comparative Physiology
  • Biology: Robert Rockwell - Population Ecology
  • Biology: John Lee -  Marine Microbial Ecology

Secondary Researchers