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Environmental Science


Environmental Science research spans the sciences and engineering with a focus on remote sensing/climatology and contamination in ecological systems.  The climatology group includes cloud physics (Luo and Gedzelman) and Arctic and Antarctic ice physics (Tedesco).  Contamination in the broad sense includes aerosol chemistry (Steiner, Bandosz), organic pollutants in local waterways (Zhang, Jans), and the science of remote sensing bacteria and mineral pollutants (Alfano, Katz, Steiner, Gottlieb). Environmental biology areas include creative oyster farming (Lee), ecology (Lee, Berkov, Rockwell) and GIS mapping of biological systems (Anderson).  Earth System Science education coordinates science and learning through vigorous funded outreach programs (Raia, Alfano, Steiner). The Engineering contribution includes departments of Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering.  

The Environmental group is affiliated closely with the NOAA - Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology ($21 Million), the NASA Center for Optical Sensing and Imaging ($5 Million), and granting agencies including the EPA with funding aside from Centers that exceeds $6 Million over the last 5 years and mentored over 50 fledgling scientsts.  The seventeen involved scientists span the profession from IUSL Research Associate (Katz), Assistant Professor (Anderson, Berkov, Luo, Tedesco), Associate Professor (Gottlieb, Jans, Raia, Berkov, Zhang), Full Professor (Bandosz, Rockwell, Steiner, Gedzelman), and Distinguished Professor (Alfano, Lee).

Faculty and their research interests

Core Researchers
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