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Neuroscience at City College covers a range from molecular genetics (Li, Venkatesh) to ion channels (Josephson) to brain slices (Bikson) to molecular approaches to psychiatric diseases (Friedman, Battaglia) to systems neuroscience. In systems neuroscience, a growing group of faculty in 4 departments are forming an intellectual community using the methods of brain imaging, single-unit electrophysiology, high-density EEG recording, neuroanatomical techniques and psychophysics. The problems addressed include cortical organization and development (Levitt), development of the visual (Levitt) and auditory (Rodriguez-Contreras) systems, attention (Foxe, Molholm), sensorimotor integration (Ghilardi, Edelman), multisensory integration (Molholm, Parra, Foxe, Ro), and learning (Horvitz).

Faculty and their research interests

  • Biology: Jay Edelman - Human Sensory-motor Systems
  • Biomedical Engineering: Marom Bikson - Neuronal Network
  • Biomedical Engineering: Lucas Parra - Signal analysis
  • Psychology: Jon Horvitz - Learning and Motivation
  • Biology: Jonathan Levitt - Neural Basis of Visual Perception
  • Biology: Christine Li - Developmental Neurobiology
  • Biology: Adrian Rodriguez-Contreras - Development of sensory maps
  • Biology: Tadmiri Venkatesh - Nervous system development & function