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Strashimir Popvassilev, CCNY, discusses "Sets of Differences of Plane Continua"
Speaker: Strashimir Popvassilev
Why exp(-rt) doesn't work and what interest on money means
We are familiar with the idea that with interest rate r the discount at time t is exp(-rt). I will explain why this actually doesn't work and describe what ...
Two Paradoxes of Rational Choice - Prisoner’s Dilemma and Newcomb’s Problem
This talk will explain why rationality cannot be satisfactorily treated. It presents a classic model of rational choice, the Prisoner’s Dilemma, and well as a ...
A Sampling Technique for Rare Event Simulations of a Financial Portfolio
This paper introduces a new importance sampling technique to increase the efficiency of rare event simulation. The loss distribution of the portfolio is ...
Person W. Patrick Hooper
Mathematics Colloquium: Xavier Bresson (University of Lausanne), Total Variation Data Analysis - A Non-linear Spectral Framework for Machine Learning
Mathematics Colloquium: Shirshendu Chatterjee (NYU), Stochastic Spacial Models for some Naturally Occurring Phenomena
Mathematics Colloquium: Sevak Mkrtchyan (Carnegie Mellon University), The dimer model on the hexagonal lattice
Mathematics Colloquium: Hau-tieng Wu (Stanford University), Alternating Projection, Ptychography and High Dimensional Phase Retrieval
Math Colloquium: Alex Lubotzky, "High dimensional expanders and Ramanujan complexes"
Mathematics Colloquium: Marian Gidea (Institute for Advanced Study), "How to increase energy with small effort"
Abstract: We will start with a striking result that a geodesic flow on a manifold with a Riemannian (Finsler, Lorenz) metric, perturbed by an external, ...
Mathematics Colloquium, Khalid Bou-Rabee , U Michigan, "How well approximated is a group by its finite quotients?"
Abstract. We present a systematic approach for tackling the question in the title by introducing some numerical invariants that quantify residual finiteness. ...
Mathematics Colloquium: Kamiar Rahnama Rad (Columbia University), "High dimensional information processing with limited resources in neural systems"
Abstract: As is the case in many information processing systems, in the nervous system information processing is performed by multiple neuronal networks each ...
Mathematics Colloquium: Julie Rowlett (University of Goettingen), "Geometric Analysis from Drums to Dynamics"
Abstract: Have you ever wondered why, when a rock guitarist plays high notes in a solo, he grips the strings down low on the guitar? Geometry affects ...
Mathematics Colloquium: Liz Vivas (Purdue University), "Dynamics of homomorphic self-maps near a fixed point"
Math Colloquium: Partha Sarathi Dey (NYU), Energy Landscape for `large average' Gaussian submatrices.
Math Colloquium: Alexandra Chronopoulou (UCSB), Statistical Inference for fractional SDEs and applications
Mathematics Colloquium, Gautam Chinta, CCNY, "Cubic forms and cubic rings"
Mathematics Colloquium, Anders Karlsson, University of Geneva, "Noncommuting random products"
In a seminal paper from 1963 Furstenberg inquired to what extent the law of large numbers in probability extends to a noncommutative setting when the random ...
Mathematics Colloquium, Conchita Martínez-Pérez, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain, "Euler classes of virtually solvable groups of type FP-infinity"
The Euler class of a group admitting a cocompact classifying space for proper actions was first defined by Lück and is closely related to several Euler ...
Mathematics Colloquium, Marian Gidea, Institute for Advanced Study, Topological methods in Hamiltonian instability
A Hamiltonian system represents a model for the evolution of a physical system. If the system is integrable, then all solutions are rather explicit. A typical ...
Finitely Presented Solvable Groups Conference
A 2-day conference at CCNY, focusing on the structure and properties of finitely presented solvable groups and on Gromov's view of groups as geometric ...
Math Colloquium: Arthur Szlam, "Low rank and block low rank matrix approximation"
Arthur Szlam (Courant Institute)
Math Colloquium: Brooke Feigon, "L-functions and number theory"
Brooke Feigon (MSRI)
Math Colloquium: Stuart Margolis: On Some Monoids Associated to Coxeter Groups
Math Colloquium: Julien Keller: About the Calabi-Yau theorem : a numerical approach.
NYGTS: Asymptotic densities of solvable equations over groups
Vitaly Romankov, Omsk University
NYGTS: " Abelian subgroups of Out(F_n)" - cancelled due to snow closing the GC
Mark Feighn, Rutgers- Newark
Math Colloq: Integral Curve Estimation: Methodology and Applications to Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Prof. Lyudmila Sakhanenko (Michigan State University), Integral Curve Estimation: Methodology and Applications to Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Math Colloq: An Analysis of Connectivity in a Neuronal Population
Prof. Asohan Amarasingham (Rutgers, Newark), An Analysis of Connectivity in a Neuronal Population